Graduation Crasher

This weekend I gained a new title.  Get ready for this, it's a good one:  Graduation Crasher.  Allow me to explain.

Yesterday I got home from a great family weekend in Chicago where we did a ton of eating, walking, more eating, more walking and even more eating.  On Saturday, we figured out the Metra train system just in time to catch the next departure to Hyde Park.

For those of you who don't know, Hyde Park is home to the prestigious University of Chicago-my dream college-and I was beyond anxious to check out the gorgeous campus. However, campus was a little occupied. . .

Occupied by hundreds of graduates and their hundreds and hundreds of closest family, friends and whoever else attends graduations, that is.  But if you thought that that would stop me from taking a self guided tour, then you're wrong.

Between the collared shirts and summery dresses, my family and I, in our jeans and tank tops, stuck out like random tourists at a graduation ceremony . . . oh wait, we were.  We didn't let it bother us though, greeting the weird glances with smiles and even making use of the water station set up for the graduation attendees like we belonged.  We tried to avoid being in the way of people who obviously had better reason to be on campus than we did, but I'm sure a few lucky people will find a random family dressed in street clothes hanging out in the background of their pictures.

Even though I didn't get to see campus as I had hoped, I did get a great story out of it.  And further confirmation that Hogwarts the University of Chicago is the place I want to be.

Any party crashing stories?


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