A Day in Detroit // 313 Link Up {beautiful places}

I am so, so excited that 313 Day is finally here! For those of you who don't know, 313 Day, March 13th, celebrates Detroit (area code 313).  Allie and I thought that we could get in the spirit and spread some well-deserved Detroit love by linking up with some other Detroit area bloggers to show how much the Motor City offers.  If you have some Detroit love in you, feel free to join in and share some of your favorite Detroit things!  The more 313 love, the better! 

Some of my favorite . . .

Detroit Eats

Mudgie's || aka the sandwich shop of all sandwich shops. Name an ingredient and they have it on a sandwich.  Okay, that's a lie, but many of their sandwiches are so unique that I would have never come up with them on my own.  I've only eaten here once, but I definitely want to go back and try the dozens of other sandwiches that sounded so, so delicious.  The amazing food + the small, hipster-ish atmosphere makes for the Best Deli five years running. 

I wish that I could say more about this place, but it's seriously so, so cool and you need to add it to your Detroit bucket list (and then promptly get to crossing that off!).

Also, I am not a food photographer, so just trust me when I tell you that something tasted good. 

The Kenna! Well, I think it is.  Whatever this masterpiece was, my tastebuds certainly enjoyed it! 

Slows || You may have heard of this one.  Even though it's not very old, Slows BBQ is making a huge impression all over the country. I wrote a more detailed post on Slows about a year ago, but here's a basic rundown: The building is really cool, the service is supah speedy, you should not step out of the restaurant without trying the mac&cheese (you'll like it possibly become obsessed with it), you'll find your favorite BBQ sauce, and make a mess in the process.  Slows is super trendy and that's where you'll find the cool kids.

Yum. Pure yum.

We're not calling this a mess. It's modern art.

Detroit Places

Fox Theatre || Built in 1928 as a movie theatre, the Fox is more like the throne room of a palace than any AMC that I've been to.  I absolutely love coming to the Fox, even though it's not for movies anymore. Whether I'm seeing the Rockettes, Hunter Hayes, or even eating breakfast with Santa, getting dressed up to see a show at the Fox is such a fun time.  No matter how many times I enter through its doors, I don't think that I will ever stop gaping at the detail and beauty that it possesses. 

What the Fox looks like from the stage! I was able to take a tour last Christmas and seeing all the signatures of everyone who has ever preformed there on the walls backstage was pretty darn cool.  

John K. King Bookstore || This place is seriously stacked. With books, upon books, upon books, that is.  There are literally one million books housed here.  The former warehouse turned used bookshop has such a cool atmosphere that's hard to describe. Maybe it's just the intense book nerd inside of me, but if you love reading/vintage/hipster/old/cool, then you would like John K. King.  It's constantly rated in the tops of lists deeming it one of America's coolest, largest, and most beautiful bookstores. 

Detroit Traditions/Culture

Thanksgiving in Detroit || For the past three years I've spent at least part of my Turkey Day in the D.  From attending my first Lions game on Thanksgiving in 2012, to running in the Turkey Trot 10K in 2013, and watching the parade with my family last year, I would say that I have fully experienced a Detroit Thanksgiving.  Spending time downtown on the holiday has quickly become one of my favorite traditions and I look forward to hopefully running up and down Woodward for the 10K again next year. 

Being sidelined for this year's Turkey Trot was hard, but getting to cheer on and high-five thousands of people breaking a sweat wasn't bad.

Oh, well, hey there, Big Sean! Fancy seeing you here! 

Detroit Sports || There's a reason that Detroit is ranked the #1 sports city.  Detroiters love Detroit sports, and that is a fact. Take the Lions, for example.  Maybe one of these days a Super Bowl winning team will come from Detroit, but in the meantime, Lions fans will keep on cheering, even when their beloved team comes out 0-16.  Between the Tigers (baseball), Red Wings (hockey), Lions (football), Pistons (basketball, even though this team isn't located directly in Detroit.) and the Indy 500 track, the Detroit sport experience is unbeatable.

Sorry, this picture section is biased because the Red Wings have a huge place in my heart followed distantly by the Tigers.

Joe Louis Arena is one of the oldest stadiums in the NHL and is going to be replaced in the next few years by a brand spankin' new arena. Although I'm sad that JLA is going, the new development is huge for Detroit! 

Comerica Park!
Detroit is truly wonderful.  Growing and developing, the city is emerging and reaching its full potential.  I cannot wait to hear all of your favorite Detroit places and hopefully get some good suggestions on where I should take my Detroit explorations next!  I know that there is so much more to Detroit than what I have experienced and I would absolutely love to get a better feel for the city and all that makes it what it is.

Happy 313 Day, everyone!  Show Detroit a little love and head into the city to try some new things out.

If you're here for the link up, grab the button HTML and stick it in your own post and then link up your blog using the InLinkz tool below.  I can't wait to see what you love about Detroit! 

Spread the love!
 - Allison


  1. Can you believe, I've lived here all my life and have never been to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, I have to add that to my bucket list! Thanks for inviting me to linkup! Love your favorites!

  2. Loving all this Detroit love!!! It's definitely making me nostalgic for home and I can't wait until I get to head back to the D in just a couple of weeks! I'm so glad to have been included in this linkup :) What an awesome way for us all to share a bit about "Our Detroit". Happy 313 Day!!!
    ~ Samantha

  3. I'm going to have to check out that bookstore! also i LOVE slows!

  4. I could seriously spend allll day in John K. King! It's incredible! And Slows is just so, so good! If only the lines weren't so long every time we decide to go, haha.

  5. My favorite part of this link up was seeing how many super cool things that there are in Detroit and how everyone had different loves. Thanks so much for joining! :)

  6. It's crazy to me when I realize stuff like that, haha! Like the DIA took me 17 years to get to! Thanks for linking up! I really enjoyed all of your favorites, too!

  7. Such great recommendations, Allison! Thanks for inviting me to link up and share what I love about Detroit. Mudgie's is THE BEST and I really need to check out the John K. King bookstore, too.

  8. Thanks for linking up with us! Your Detroit pictures are gorgeous and I can't wait to try some of the restaurants that you recommended! And, yes! Get on over to John K. King! It's dabomb.com

  9. I was taken to the Polish Village Café for my first time eating Polish food. I was told it was the best in the city and it surely did not disappoint. I would so go back. I also went to the Motown Museum in the old Motown Records label and house. It was quite fascinating to learn the history and an entertaining tour.
    I did get a chance to see my first NHL game at Joe Louis Arena. I'm not a Red Wings fan unfortunately (Dallas Stars baby), but it was so fun to watch. I loved the craft beer selections; however, the lines were too long. I'm glad I got to see it before it's gone.

  10. Awesome linkup! I have never been to Mudgie's, but that sandwich looks fantastic. Also, I've never been to Detroit for the Thanksgiving Parade, or the 4th of July Fireworks---two things I definitely need to do! Umm, and Detroit sports? Detroit is home of the best teams in America! :)

  11. If your first NHL game was a Wings game at the Joe, then you were definitely at the right place! Detroit isn't called Hockeytown for nothing! :) I have actually never had Polish food other than paczkis, but it looks SO delicious! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Detroit!!

  12. Mudgie's was fantastic! It was so hard to pick what sandwich to get that I have to go back to try the runner-ups! I've never been to the Fireworks either but I have seen them from behind my TV screen, which I'm sure is the same exact experience ;)


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