Six Times That Pinterest Nailed It

Ahhh, Pinterest.  It's the #1 thing that helps me procrastinate but it's just so darn useful at the same time. Thanks to said magical world inside of the internet, I have baked delicious pumpkin bread, discovered the Color Run and found a place to order mounted stuffed animal heads (I'm still trying to figure that one out too . . .).

However, there are just some times that Pinterest absolutely nails it.  For proof, just keep scrolling (and reading of course).

I made this by myself and I'm really proud of it.

1) When Pinterest accurately describes how post-vacation life works for me.  Once I bought new deodorant because I had lost mine only to find out it was at the bottom of the suitcase that I had been in the process of unpacking for a solid month and a half.  Yep. Nailed it.  

2) When Pinterest brings back memories of the nightmarish months that led up to my middle school science fairs.  Nailed it. 

3) Just cross out tacos and insert brownies, shakes, pies, cupcakes and whatever other sugary substance comes to mind. Unless it's watermelon Oreos because those are just nasty.  Nailed it.  

4) When the pandas know what's up.  Nailed it.  

5) When Pinterest understands my vampire problems.  #WhiteGirl. Nailed it.  

6) You know that you want a card like this.  Nailed it.  

Does Pinterest nail it for you? 


P.S. find all of these on my Pinterest boards! 


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