In case anyone was wondering, I did more in Chicago than eat more than I needed to and crash graduations

I did, I swear! Here's the proof: 

Panorama-ing like a pro.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever.  I love the mix of urban and nature.  

Finally saw the Bean! It was just as shiny and tourist-y as I had hoped. 

Bean selfie? Why not?

The sky was so blue!

We took the train from South Loop to Hyde Park and only almost got lost for like three minutes! #Win

We toured the Robie House! I've been wanting to see it for years and it was so exciting! Except there was a lot of renovation going on, so that was kind of a bummer. 

I had originally thought that this was a used bookstore, so I was a little disappointed when I found out that it wasn't. But it was still awesome for being independently owned. 

On Father's Day we walked down by the water to get to brunch just a few hours after my dad and I had just run here.  If I had a view like this at home, you would never get me to stop running!

Well, there's my proof.  I loved our long weekend in Chicago because it was so relaxed.  After finishing off a school-year where I was constantly on edge and busier than I have ever been, this was exactly what I would have I prescribed for myself if I was a doctor.

We didn't have any schedule which meant getting out of bed at 10, wandering out somewhere for food and staying out all day until we wanted to go back to the hotel.  You better believe it was awesome.

Everyone needs a weekend like that once in a while to get away from the craziness and chaos of life and forget the schedule for a while.

Have you recently taken a schedule-less trip? Looking forward to one coming soon?  Where did/are you go(ing)?

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