May 2014 Recap

I always like to look back at my pictures that I took each month and remember all the things I filled my days with.  Since the days seem to fly by so fast, I inevitably end up thinking "that was only a month ago??" somewhere along the line.

The lineup for May includes . . . (drumroll please!)


Piñata fun in Spanish class.

My first Tigers game of the season where the most exciting part of the 0-1 loss was someone accidentally pulling the fire alarm and freaking everyone out.

Experiencing the deliciousness of macarons for the first time at Mother's Day brunch. 

Taking artsy pictures and loving the results. 

Having the lit nerd in me freak out over all the parallels between Westside Story and Romeo and Juliet.

Getting my senior pictures taken on the gorgeous shores of Lake Michigan by an extremely talented friend. 

Andddd . . . finally saying goodbye to the AP US History notecards that were my constant companion while leading up the exam. Can't say that I miss them though. 

I can't wait for all the adventures that June brings!
What did you do this May?



  1. I did falconry (Afreakingmazing) and scotch tasting and ran my first marathon in Scotland. I think it was a fantastic May for me.

    1. Wow . . . your May wins! That's awesome!


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