And Tuesday Was Like a Thunderstorm

As I sit here, the rain pounds down on the roof.  Quite an odd contrast from the nights that were 3° with an inch of snow covering the ground not even a week ago.  But, hey, I guess that's Michigan weather for you.

From frigid gusts of wind and chapped lips last Monday to the seemingly never-ending rainshower with temperatures reaching a scorching 50° that came into town today, the weather is completely unpredictable.  Any Michiganders could attest to that one with a resounding "amen!"  How could it just completely switch just like that?

In that sense, that crazy rollercoaster called Michigan weather is exactly like my life at the moment.  From one day to the next, it's been completely flipped, and I didn't see it coming.

As of last Sunday, senior year was going according to plan.  No homework, no problems.  I could come home and read a book, watch a movie, make dinner, and heck, I could have probably even written a novel before bed and still get seven hours of sleep.

However, Tuesday rolled in like a thunderstorm.  Four papers.  Three resumes.  A book to read.  Two broken friendships.  Babysitting to be done. A messy room to deal with.  Colleges to apply to.  Blog posts to write. Finals to begin thinking about. Plans to be made.  Deadlines to meet (or miss . . .) A family disagreement.  And the list goes on, and on.

I literally wrote out a to-do list for the first time in how-long because I couldn't keep track of all that was building up for me to accomplish.  This list spans over 30 items long with more being added everyday.  Dwelling on it makes my brain go into over-drive and it's not long before the tears start welling up.

Even now, there are much better things that I can be doing to start diminishing my check-list, but I can't even start with that at this moment.  The mountainous pile of tasks is too scary, too demanding.  But avoiding it is not going to help anything.  Updating Facebook is not getting my paper written, nor is making quinoa just for the heck of it helping me to finish my sociology project.

I guess this post could be considered my little pep talk to let a little out and to screw my head back on straight so I can get back on track.  I definitely needed to take a break from the 13 tabs that I have open regarding the immigration paper that I'm researching for that is due in two hours.

This, too, shall pass.  Thunderstorms do not last forever.

Be still and know that I am God. // Psalm 46:10



Week by Numbers + #SOTWW

Being my non-artistic, precise self, I've always had a special fondness for Paint by Numbers. I mean, I could look like I knew what I was doing and it was so dang easy to make a masterpiece.  Translated to the blogging world, Paint by Numbers becomes Week by Numbers: an easy way to see what I've been up to all week (because I know you're so interested!)! But unlike Paint by Numbers, Week by Numbers involves no clean-up or accidental paint spills, so it's pretty much gold.

8 trillion // (at least!) the seconds that I've waited for my computer to load since it decided to suddenly turn into a dinosaur on me. #Rawr #NotCool

231 // pages read of Pride and Prejudice.  I LOVE MR. DARCY. That is all.

45 // minute work-out that Allie and I completed yesterday that has me hobbling like a baby deer today.

22 // the amount of times that I've listened to "Shake It Off" because it's my jam. Also, I picked 22 because it seemed like a nice, round, Taylor Swift number, not because I actually know. 

14 // the amount of times I've had to charge my phone because like my computer, it decided to stop doing its job. I think technology hates me.

12 // hours of sleep that I got on Friday night because I went to bed at 8.  Party animal, I know. 

11 // cat pictures taken. Here's one to grace your eyeballs. You're welcome. 

8 // hand-lettering designs that I've attempted.  I suddenly got the urge that I had to learn how to make pretty word designs right that second, and so I did.  Well, attempt that is.  Homework, shmomework.

No, I didn't go through and decorate my entire planner . . .  . well, I might have. 

7 // cookies eaten.  A cookie (or two) a day keeps the doctor away! Right?

5 // times that I've watched the new "Blank Space" music video.  I'm not usually big on music videos, but something about Taylor's psycho breakdown has me clicking replay.

4 // recipes made.  Pumpkin bars and baked oatmeal for the win.  Butternut squash mac&cheese, not so much.  But I mean, hey, someone somewhere has to like it! Also, I'm counting my pineapple+blueberry smoothie that I had for breakfast about five days in a row.

3 // movies watched: Elf, Big Hero 6, and Legally Blonde, in case you were interested.  Also, I can now reference bend + snap and know what I'm talking about! 

1 // metal bar walked straight into yesterday in my school's weight room. In front of the whole wrestling team. Cool. 

Linking up with Helene today for Song of the Week Wednesday! This week's was a no-brainer as I've been newly re-obsessed with Rooney's "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" as I rediscovered it last week and promptly bought it and played it about 84 times in a row.  Shout out to my family and friends for neither smashing my phone or killing me over it . . . though I wouldn't have blamed them if they did. Enjoy!

Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday

What are some of your numbers of the week? 


The One Where I Mention Blood

I tried to title this post in a way that would ease my mind a bit by making me think about Friends, and it worked! For a whole two seconds that is.

Well, Joey, to answer your question, I'm a little bit of a hot mess right now.  You see, I had a crazy impulse last week and acted on it (life advice: usually not a good idea.) and now that impulsive decision becomes real tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning at 10:45, to be exact, right in the middle of government class . . . not that I planned for that to happen or anything.

Anyway, to stop the vagueness here, the Red Cross is holding a blood drive at my school tomorrow. After not participating last year, I decided in the heat of the moment that I could just suck it up and donate.


The one who put her head down during nearly every biology class while learning about blood because she couldn't take it.

The one whose younger sister had to hold her hand while getting a little bit of blood drawn for a test because she wouldn't calm down.

The one who has opted to get her wisdom teeth taken out with a little help from laughing gas and some gum numbers rather than anesthesia because she didn't think she would be able to handle the IV.

The one who can barely write for five minutes after someone says the word 'vein' (ew.) because her hands get so weak.

Yeah, me.

Let's just say that anything remotely in the medical field is not my future profession, that's for sure.

I don't know what made me decide to put my name on the volunteer list, but it's there.  And in pen, of course, so I can't even erase and pretend I had never written it.  It's there, and it's staying.

Over the weekend, the thought of the blood drive occasionally popped into my head a few times, sending my stomach out onto a rollercoaster consisting of all of the fear and none of the fun.  Now that it is barely 12 hours away, the rollercoaster is only getting taller and steeper and every seat is filled with screamers working their lungs.

I'm so tempted to back out, to avoid the discomfort and fear that donating blood may bring.  However, I know that's not an option.   There are tough decisions to make that become even harder to carry through with.  But such is life.

God has continually blessed me with a healthy body.  I have been fortunate enough to enjoy my life without any major illnesses, broken bones, or even a bee sting.  Major medical treatment has never been something that I've had to deal with, and God willing, hopefully something that I never will have to encounter.  Shouldn't I use this body then to give to those who are in need?  Those that are more familiar with medical treatment than anyone would ever want to be? Thanks to the signs posted on nearly every.single.wall of my school (for real! I can't even fill up my water bottle without one staring me in the face), I learned that one pint of blood can save three lives.  In other words, one little donation from me can give new life to three people.  How could I pass up this opportunity in good conscience?  What if I were the person in need of a life-saving donation, yet I was unable to receive one due to a shortage in blood?

In Romans, Paul hits this topic straight on the head.

Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?” That’s exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t make it easy for himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded right in and helped out.
- Romans 15:1-4 (MSG)

Instead of meeting my own needs, I can take a page out of Jesus's book and put others miles ahead of myself.  My strength in good health is for service, that much is plain.  

I asked God, "How can I help?" 

He responded by giving me the impulse to put my John Hancock on the blood donor volunteer list.  A place I swore my name would never show up.  

So I'm taking a deep breath and saying a prayer to ask for the peace that only God can bring. I'm facing my fears of blood, and needles, and veins, and people with sterile gloves who are trying to poke my veins with needles to get my blood (that was a good plug for the Red Cross, wasn't it? Go donate!) and trusting that God will sustain me.  

Going to a small Christian school definitely has its perks, one of which occurred last week. Walking into school, I noticed that every single locker had a Bible verse stuck in the top.  Each one was hand decorated and I didn't see any repeating verses.  No one knows who did this, all I know is that I'm very thankful that they did.  The verse in my locker was one that I wasn't familiar with and I've been dwelling on since I received it: 

I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
    With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
- Psalm 16:8

I will not be shaken.  Even when God calls me to do something that I determined to be impossible for me to do.  I will not be shaken.