313 in the D // Link Up Announcement!

I'm really excited to announce to you all that I am co-hosting my very first link-up (along with Allie!) The idea for this all started when I was feeling some serious Detroit pride one day and texted Allie to see if she would want to co-host a link up dedicated to all the great things that Detroit has to offer.  Thus, "A Day in Detroit: a 313 Day link up with Allie & Allison" was born!

313 Day, otherwise known as Detroit Day, is celebrated on March 13th, when the date matches Detroit's area code of 313.  So, this Friday, March 13th, we and some other fantastic Detroit bloggers are getting in on the 313 Day spirit by giving the inside scoop on our favorite Motor City things.  Be it food, attractions, sights, experiences, or tradition, as long as it has to do with Detroit, it's welcome!

If you're living in/around Detroit, have lived there in the past, or have some pretty fond Detroit experiences, we would love, love, love if you would join us and share what you think are some of the best things about the D.

Here's what you do:
1. Write a post including some of your favorite Detroit things - you can have as many or as few as you want, be detailed or general, include mainstream or out-of-the way places - as long as they are within Detroit and the immediate surrounding area, you're good! If you add in a few pictures, even better!

2. Come back on Friday, March 13th and link up your post with either Allie or me.  We'll be launching the link up pretty early.  Grab the button at the bottom and include it in your link up post so others can see all the great things that make Detroit what it is.

EDIT: You can link up by adding your link to the bottom of one of our posts.  There will be a link up tool that you can put your name & post URL in and it will add you to the list! Let us know if you have any questions!

3. Share the Detroit love!  Invite others to participate in this link up and check out the other posts that have linked up.  The point of this is to see how great Detroit truly is, and maybe even find your new favorite downtown restaurant in the process.

I can't wait to see all of the Detroit love this Friday & I hope that if you have a great Detroit experience, you would join in on all of the fun!

Something Beautiful

Any questions?  Email us at somethingrecklessblogs@gmail.com.



  1. So I totally didn't realize that 313 was the area code (or the date of the linkup...I thought it was last Friday! haha) but I've got mine ready!!! Can't wait to read others' experience and memories of the D! Thanks for doing this - what a great idea!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Yayyyy! Glad you can join us! I'm so excited for this!


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