But first, let me take a nap.

I don't know what it is with this week, but it has been tortuously never-ending.  Even though there was no school on Monday for MLK day, the school week has had to have lasted like seven years.  There's no doubt.  I think that I hit rock-bottom when I fell asleep in third hour and woke up thinking that it was seventh hour.  Now that I'm typing this in seventh hour, it seems as though third hour was last year.

Hence, my current mood:

So before I fall asleep, I want to get this week back on a positive note by compiling all the exciting things I've done (and to prove that I've done more than just go home and crawl into bed every night.).

// senior pictures // My Spanish teacher doubles as a photographer on the side and we had a super fun photoshoot on Wednesday that included numb toes, red lipstick, and lots of snow.  I can't wait to get the final edits back because they look so good!

// guest blogging // Katie from Something Winnderful was kind enough to feature me on her blog today! If you are looking for something super cute and super crafty and super glittery (optional!), you should definitely check out how to make these cards!

// surprise pizza // My English teacher made my day approximately 26x better when she brought us some Hot & Readys.  Pizza = Happiness (see! I can do math!) 

// library book . . . finally! // I've had Eleanor & Park on hold for about a month now and some kind soul decided to take pity on me (or avoid a library fee . . . I'd like to think that they were doing it for my benefit though) and return it.  At my library, once a book comes in, you have a week to pick it up. I tried twice to go receive it, but the library was closed both times (who just randomly closes on a Thursday?) Finally, finally on the last day that I could pick it up, I skidded into the library parking lot and ran in with three minutes to spare before they locked up. This book better be worth the hype, that's all I have to say! 

// camp // I spent my weekend up at my favorite place in the world.  Camp always is such a refresher and the grace of God is so, so evident there. I also got one step closer to completing one of my 20 before 20 goals! "Work at camp for a summer" is becoming a reality and I could not be any more excited for this opportunity.  Summer come fast! 

// craftiness // I spent my day off on Monday not cleaning my closet explosion that I call a bedroom, but by changing the quote on my wall! For the longest time I had a Winnie the Pooh quote that I had picked within the time of about 2.54 seconds.  It was nice and all, but I really had no clue why I chose to spend countless hours cutting out and decorating each letter for a quote that really had no significance to me.  

Having some serious European nostalgia, I printed some pictures from my trip and cut them into my favorite travel quote.  I love looking at my wall and getting plowed over with a wave of memories. Let's just say I cannot wait to travel abroad in college. 

// babysitting // I was blessed with two great babysitting jobs this week. They included watching one boy rock his very first basketball game and stopping by Coldstone afterwards to celebrate and experiencing some serious sibling love.  Even though I did have to break up a fight or two, I was reminded of just how great and insightful kids are. 

Thanks to this, I'm now convinced that this week has been much, much more rewarding and productive than I had thought.  But, about that nap . . . 

What were some of the high points of your week?


*While I started this post Friday afternoon at school, seventh hour ended before I could finish this.  And now it's Saturday night and I'm just now finishing.  Because naps.  And that's the truth. 


  1. Found you from Katie's blog this week--I love the photo quote craft! That also seems like a great way to use photos that you wouldn't necessarily frame on their own, but that show a location you enjoyed visiting. Each letter holds a snippet of your trip.

  2. Thank you! And exactly that -- I loved so many pictures that I didn't have anything to do with a lot of them so this was the perfect way to use them!


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