Five Hours + Five Songs

Please enjoy this breath-taking photo of my smudgy fingerprints.
Five hours is a pretty long time.  For example, I could hop on a plane in Detroit and be in L.A. five hours later.  Or I could get more sleep than I did in an average night of my junior year.  I could jam to TaySwift and Shake It Off 86 times, run 35 miles, or bake about 27 double batches of cookies (I think I'll stick with TSwizzle and cookies, thank you.)

But do you know what I just spent 5 hours doing?

What's that you say? Saving the world? Feeding the hungry? Curing cancer? Adopting puppies?

Nope. Attempting to create social media buttons for my blog.

And create them I did! Successfully line them up, I did not.  Despite my best efforts, my sidebar would look like this if I just gave up and didn't care which came this close to happening.

So instead of unsuccessfully continuing to try to get my "ducks" in a horizontal row rather than a vertical one, let's talk music, which is much less stressful! 

Thanks to a really exciting Spotify deal that allowed me to get 3 months of premium for only $0.99, I jumped on it immediately (only after, of course, setting no less than three alerts to remind me to cancel it before three months is up so I don't have to shell out $10 dolla) and have been fully sold on it since.  But not enough to pay $10 a month because do you know how many ice cream sandwiches that can buy?  Ten. That's right.  Also, $10 could probably get someone to fix my social media buttons for me, but since I'm a strong, independent woman who don't need no tech help, I'll pretend like I still have any optimism left in me for that project.

Anyways, all delicious $1 desserts aside, listening to Spotify pretty much non-stop for the past month has resulted in the discovery of some of my new favorite songs that I had zilcho idea existed before.  And I want you to know about them, too! So without any further talk of social media buttons, listen & love: 
Aviation High - Semi Precious Weapons

The music video got all kinds of weird pretty fast, so I'll just put the lyric video up for everyone's sake.

Waiting For That Call - Parachute

I've loved, loved Parachute since I found them on Spotify about two years ago. This is one of their lesser known ones if you know some of their more popular songs. 

First Time - Vance Joy

If you've heard any of these songs, I'm putting my money on it being this one. Vance Joy is fantastic, and therefore, so is his entire album.  This one happens to be a favorite though.

Vagabond - Misterwives

Due to my complete inability to sing high notes and not wanting to sound like some sort of screeching, dying animal, I usually refrain from singing along to Misterwives, but that doesn't stop me from still completely being obsessed with this song (or any of their others, for that matter). 

Touched by a Fire - People & Songs

Okay, for this one you're going to have to do a little work.  I'm sorry -- I know it's Monday and the prospect of extra effort sounds as about as appealing as the "healthy" black bean brownies that I made once that my sister equated to chipmunk poison.  #NeverAgain

What you'll have to do is follow this link and click the play button next to the very top song -- Touched by a Fire.  Even though that sounds really exhausting, I promise you that you will make it. 

I actually did not find this song on Spotify as it's not even available there. Or on YouTube.  Or on the first page of Google even after I searched the words for the entire chorus (and as everyone knows, if it's not on the first page of Google, it pretty much doesn't exist). Luckily my determination outlasted the Internet's ability to hide it from me and I eventually discovered it on the musicians' webpage.  We sang it at camp last week and it left everyone humming, whistling, and full-out belting it during the car ride home.  So basically, when it catches on big time, you can be a hipster by having discovered it before it was cool.  You're welcome. 

Honorable Mentions:
Come Together - Echosmith
Take My Love and Run - Bad Suns
Cheap Sunglasses  - RAC

Have you heard any of these songs before? What do you think of them?
// Allison 


  1. Ugh. Blog design can be so annoying and such a horrendous time suck! I haven't heard of any of those songs before, but now I think I should check them out!

  2. Hey Allison! Great post, as usual, girl! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award challenge. Check it out in my latest post :) Hope you're up to it! :D

  3. Aww, thanks!! I'll definitely be on by to check that out! :)

  4. I know! I dread it! And I hadn't either, but they're some of my favorites now! Hopefully you can find a good one :)


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