Runners Tell All: I Eat Cupcakes Before I Run

You can probably use your common sense and realize pretty quickly that I'm in no position to offer any advice on how to properly fuel your runs.

Example: I've eaten a cupcake before I've run.  Like as I'm walking out of the locker room into cross country practice.

Example 2: I ate a few bites of a sub about five minutes before my 4X100 race last year in track.  Granted, I didn't realize that my race was so soon, but I still ate it.  And my coach still will not let go of it - Subway is my new middle name.

Example 3: Once I ate a granola bar while I was running.  I wasn't even hungry, I just kind of felt the need to eat, so I took my granola bar with me.

You may be gasping in horror right now, sure that the following runs were disasters with consequences such as throwing up all over the person in front of me or having to run 0.5 miles per hour because I felt so sick.  Don't fear though! I was completely and perfectly fine all three times! In fact, I'm pretty sure that I PR'd in my leg of the 4x100 that day. (Thanks, Subway!)

My apparent superpower of having an iron stomach does have an Achille's heel, however.  I do not want to eat/taste/see/smell/hear food within the first five minutes after a run.  At one cross country meet where I had run particularly hard in the last 400 meters, there was a team that was having a COOKOUT right next to the finish line.

When the aroma of hotdogs and burgers drifted over to me, I was breathing hard (duh.) and as soon as I smelled it, my stomach just flipped. I literally gagged and had to keep running to get away from it.  Here's the kicker: it was like 9 AM.  Who wants 'burgs and dogs before most people are even awake on a Saturday morning?

Anyway, the point of all that was to show what a bad example I am when it comes to running fuel and how you should never, ever come to me because my advice would be:

because it's what I do and I haven't died yet so it must be working.  

I do have some favorite things that I eat in relation to running though.  

Obviously, I have no time restraints on when I eat before a run.  For important races though, I do like to keep my last meal at least 45 minutes before start time.  Cereal, bagels with peanut butter, protein bars, and bananas are my favorite pre-race breakfasts. Lots and lots of water throughout the day (if I race in the afternoon) is key to not having to decide between dehydrating and having a full bladder while running. 

Well, I'm not too experienced in this category, but Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt with Chia Bars (longest name ever) seem to do the trick! :) 

I'm a smoothie girl! One of the first things I crave after a run is a fruity, cold smoothie! If those aren't readily available, then fruit, Gatorade, and protein bars will have to do the trick.  Of course I chug about a gallon and a half of water a few minutes after I run when I'm done gasping for air, but I try to keep up a steady water intake for a couple hours. 

When I do get smoothies post-run, I like to make my smoothies protein-packed so it can be a one-and-done sort of ordeal. I use CrioSport Vanilla Whey Protein powder and I think it's pretty good.  I'm not very educated in the realm of protein powders though, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! 

Last night I made a delicious fruity smoothie that I want everyone to know about because I love it so much! 

Here's what you need:
- frozen pineapple chunks (I didn't measure, but about 3/4 cup? Maybe?)
-blueberries (Fresh or frozen. Mine were frozen. ½ cup?)
-1 frozen banana
-1/4 cup of oats
-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

Blend up the oats by themselves first to avoid having oat chunks.  It's not as gross as it sounds though.  Next, blend everything else until it's nice and smooth.  


I linked-up today with Amanda and Beka! If you want some real running fuel advice, you should probably check out some of those links over there.  You know, maybe you'll find some people who don't eat cupcakes right before they run.  

What are some of your running food rituals? Any protein powder suggestions? 


  1. Can this be turned into a link up for pictures of smoothies on your deck? Because I could totally do that.

    1. Uhhhh....sure? Party at my place!

  2. I envy you your iron stomach! Mine's quite the opposite. Before I stepped away from casein (whey protein concentrate) to stick to just whey isolate, I liked the Muscle Milk light protein powders, especially the cake batter flavor. My husband likes their graham cracker one. Fun with smoothies and easier to drink straight up! By the way, I'm M @readeatwriterun - found you through the RTA linkup.

    1. It does come in handy a lot! And cake batter? Oh my gosh, that sounds so good! I'm definitely going to look into that because graham cracker doesn't sound too shabby either! And thanks so much for stopping by! I'll definitely be returning the favor :)

  3. Ok, I totally hope that the president of Subway reads this posts and sends you one of those "free subs for life" cards like the one in Happy Gilmore. It would be you, Happy Gilmore, and probably Jared The Subway guy eating free subs for life.

    I love smoothies post run too! I don't use any protein powders, so I can't recommend a great tasting one, but I DO love peanuts or peanut butter in a smoothie and they provide protein. 1 Frozen banana, 3/4 c vanilla soy milk, 2 Tbsp peanuts, 1 handful of ice cubes----DELICIOUS!

    1. There should be a career called a "life planner" where it's like wedding planning, but you plan someone's life instead. Then, you should get a job as one and I would totally hire you, haha :) That's so funny! Thanks for making my day! And ooooh, that sounds good! I've never used peanuts in a smoothie, so I'm definitely going to try that out. Thanks!

  4. I like this!

    First off, I'm like you in the fact that I can pretty much chow down anything pre-race, during and be fine. Right after, NO WAY JOSE! I need a good hour before I can refuel properly.

    Cupcakes are a great snack, anytime and always! Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thank you! And isn't an iron stomach nice? I feel like I definitely take advantage of that way too often, haha. Also, I'm definitely agreeing with you on the cupcakes. All day, every day :)

  5. I hear you on the food smells! I always hated when track meets placed the concessions next to the track. Hot dogs are NOT what I want to be smelling while running a race! :)

    1. I couldn't agree more! Someone needs to figure that one out!

  6. That smoothie sounds good! I need to add oats to my smoothies sometime. That's a good idea. Thanks for linking up, Allison!

    1. It's my new go-to! Thanks for hosting! I'll be back for next month's link-up :)


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