What Snow Days Are For

I always imagine that it must be so nice to live somewhere sunny and 75° for all 365 days of the year.  That would eliminate chapped hands, cracked lips, frozen hands on the steering wheel.  I wouldn't have to deal with awful road conditions or making sure I have an extra pair of gloves packed just in case.  Scraping snow off of the car at 6:30 am would be a thing of the past, and boy, that is one thing that I surely wouldn't miss. 

But what sunny and 75° doesn't come with is snow days. 

Snow days are for hot chocolate and pajamas.  Sledding whenever you feel like it.  Catching up on your current read.  Snuggling in with the covers up to your chin and watching the snow fall.

Finishing the homework that you're still somehow procrastinating on.  Taking a walk and marveling in how still, peaceful, and calm the earth is.  On a snow day, you can build a snowman, try a new recipe  (and it's a hit!), and shovel the driveway for what seems like the 7th time.

Bake cookies. Eat all of the cookies. Throw a snowball and expect to have one sail back at you.

And that's what snow days are for.  Suddenly, overcast and 9° is sounding much, much more appealing.

And I get to do it all over again tomorrow!



  1. Snow days looks so fun! I live in Florida, so I've never experienced a snow day but I've wanted to for so long!!!

  2. I love snow days! Definitely a northern perk, haha. Have you ever gotten snow before?

  3. No, it's never snowed in the part of Florida I live in. A little further up north in the Tallahassee area they get flurries, but Orlando just gets cold rainy days. I've only seen snow from a plane window!

  4. Oh my gosh, that needs to change! I have over 18" here that I could send you! :)


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