How I Failed at No-Spend January

These euros were not spent in January! Partly because they aren't accepted in America and that's where I was all January long.  But we'll pretend that they weren't spent because of my iron strong will. 
Not spending money for an entire month is hard.

In an attempt to curb spending and save some dollas, I officially declared January a no-spend month by waking up on January 2nd and thinking that it's just a month and it's no big deal and I really do need to save money for college and then having to promptly stop myself from buying a song on iTunes.

With that knowledge in mind, it'll be no surprise to you that I failed at not spending in January.  Of course I don't have to purchase things like groceries, pay a mortgage, or get a car repaired yet, but I often grab some food with friends, impulsively buy a new skirt every now and then and frequent the iTunes store on a weekly basis.

I figured that I could easily put all of that off for just four short, little weeks.  Wrong.

what I wanted to spend: $0
what I spent: (try not to be too horrified with me. please.) $2.72

I'm going to break it down:
$2.02 - pictures for my wall quote that I actually didn't end up using.
$0.50 - string cheese at lunch when I thought I was going to die from starvation, but I probably would have made it anyway.  And it was warm.  Gross.
$0.20 - a library fine. My account said I was a delinquent and I didn't want the nice old librarian to think I was a bad person so I took care of that baby.  And I didn't want to go to jail.

I really broke the bank, I know.

Actually, all sarcasm asides, I'm pretty proud of how well No-Spend January went down.  It was a lot harder than I had imagined it to be when I dreamed it up while in that whole waking-up-delusional stage that no important decisions should ever be made in.

I noticed that not spending money required a lot more pre-thought and planning than I usually had to put into things. For example, I met with a few friends for a Bible study at Panera and instead of indulging in my usual U PICK 2 and chai tea latte, I packed a sandwich from home and pretended that it was a panini. I didn't fool anyone, but my wallet was happy!

Not spending also meant that I had to be consistent and stick to a plan even when that bargain rack Target skirt was definitely designed with me in mind.

Now that it's "Spend-All-You-Have-February," I'm off to make up for the 31 days that I just spent conserving.  If you need me, I'll be in the Target dressing room!

Have you ever tried to go a month without spending?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

// Allison


  1. I don't know how you spent so little in a month! I'm not a big spender, but I probably spend $20 to $30 in a month on food, books, etc. I don't think spending $2.72 in January was failing at no spend January at all!

  2. That's usually about what I do, too. I was really surprised that I was able to control myself, haha. It was just annoying that all the things I did spend money on were preventable, but that's me complaining about $2.72, haha. I think I might try this again in March!


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