10 Reasons to Winter Jam {beautiful fun}

Since I know you're probably judging me right now, I just want to be clear that I was not imitating Taylor Swift circa-2011, but following along with what the band led the audience in doing.  So everyone was hand-hearting . . up until the second that this picture was taken, I guess.  

However, I happen to like hand-hearting, Taylor, and this picture (thanks to Allie!) a lot so we're moving on.  Hit play and then keep reading for things with the likes of giant balloons, what a dollar can get you, and new music obsessions. 

Winter Jam is the incredible 10-band concert that I've spent a February Saturday night at for the past two years. Traveling all over the country, the Jam Tour is something that I will definitely be hitting up again next year, and then the next year, and then all the way to when I'm that 80-year-old rocking out harder than the Beliebers at the Justin Bieber movie premiere.  Fortunately, I didn't experience that, but I've been told that you can still hear the fangirls' screams ringing in your ears.  

I'm not taking a math class this year, but I'm still confident that I'm not mistaken when it comes to the price of this event.  Ten dollars at the door for tickets divided by 10 bands means that you can see a live music performance for only a dollar. Cheap date night, anyone?  Seriously though.

Grainy iPhone concert pictures for the win. And yes, we were actually this close -- no zoom here!
Helloooo, the entire for KING & COUNTRY album! For real though, since Winter Jam in Detroit last Saturday I've been doing one of two things: 1) listening to their gorgeous Aussie voices or  2) hearing them replay in my head and trying not to burst out into song.  If you don't want to find some new songs that you will absolutely love, don't click that link.  

Honorable mention: About a Mile.  I had never heard of them heading in to Winter Jam and I left with a CD.  They were fantastic performers! 

 Last year, the University of Mobile was a Winter Jam sponsor and they gave me not only a $20,000 scholarship but A FREE T-SHIRT! How exciting is that?  You'll be even more elated to hear that besides being free, it's probably the softest, most comfy t-shirt that I own.  I mean, $20,000 was cool though, too.  This year I fought a scholarship-thirsty crowd of fellow high schoolers to receive some more free clothes.  I did get a t-shirt, but it's not the softest, most comfy like last year. 

This time of winter is such a dreary, gray time for Midwesterners and it was great to have a night where I could put the crappy weather and the fact that spring will probably never come out of my mind and have an amazing time praising God with 16,999 other people from many different denominations, stages, and walks of life.  Everyone is so uplifting and my mood increased like 320%.  

Look! I met for KING & COUNTRY *obviously* Well, I had the chance to meet them as I did nearly every artist there, but the lines were bazinga people long, and I don't really care for lines all that much. 

"Stop by and see us at our booth after & pick up a copy of our music for $5!" - 80% of the artists at Winter Jam.  And so I did. for KING & COUNTRY was in the minority that their CD cost $10, but the artists are so generous in practically giving away their albums.  I even got an About a Mile CD for less than what it's priced in the iTunes store. Oh, and $40 t-shirts? You won't find any of those here. 

Are words even needed?

That lady with the awesome hair? Yeah, that's Blanca who made up 10% of the show.  It's pretty cool to glance over and see someone who had just been killing it up on stage rocking out to the same bands that you are and getting so, so excited about it.  None of the performers took any of the glory for themselves, but gave it all up to God, which I thought was pretty neat.

Pens, backpacks, candy, and all of those fun shenanigans are at your beck and call if you take a stroll around the concourse and check out all of the sponsor booths that are just begging for you please, please, please, take home their merchandise. So naturally, I didn't want to let anyone down and allowed them to throw as many free things my way that their hearts desired. 

From the ticket prices, to the music, to the people, to the message, to the atmosphere, God is glorified! It's obvious that Winter Jam is not about the money or the gain - it's about spreading the Gospel through the gift of music.  

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of all the Christian music on the radio; however, Winter Jam does a fantastic job of showing that praising God through music doesn't have to be in the form of "church songs" or hymns (even though I love them!).  Within the few hours that I was in jumping out of my seat, I heard rock&roll (that has toured with the likes of Nickelback), an Indie/pop mix, and so, so much more.  Last year's tour featured two rappers.  I don't even like rap, but you better believe I was pumping my arm like the best of them. Also, one band's act resembled something like a circus act and I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes (their music video had pretty much the same effect on me). The entire night features such amazing and talented performers that dedicate everything to God.

So, are you in? There are still a ton of dates left and Winter Jam just might be coming to your city

Have any questions about Winter Jam? I'm not an old seasoned pro, but I do know the ropes pretty well!



  1. I love this! So sad that I missed Winter Jam while it was here. On a side note, your blog looks incredible, Allison. So professional!

  2. Thank you! And there's always next year . . . or a road trip to their next stop, haha. :)

  3. I've heard awesome things about Winter Jam! I absolutely love all of the artists there, so I'm sure it was incredible :)

  4. It really was! It's so cool to me how they put on such an amazing show and continue to keep tickets so cheap!

  5. I LOVE WinterJam! I wish I could've gone this year! Was this your first time going?

  6. Me too! What's your favorite part of it? And I went last year as well!

  7. I think my favorite part is how cheap it is for how much music to get to hear, and especially how it covers such a wide variety.


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