There are two types of sick days. Type #1 is the kind where going to work/school is probably preferable compared to the amount of discomfort that your illness puts you in.  Those are sick-sick days.  Type #2 is the "my slight headache might be contagious, so I wouldn't want to risk passing this on to anyone" kind of days where staying home was most definitely a choice rather than out of necessity.  Those are #sicknotsick days; you know, kind of like #sorrynotsorry? And that was my day.

To be fair, I was honestly worried about still being contagious after catching a gross virus last week that had me down and out all weekend. And I felt a lot better this morning when I woke up (two hours after school had already started) than I did last night.  But in terms of how my day went, it was obviously a #sicknotsick kind of day.

#sicknotsick because . . .

|| I was creative || with my nails. Instead of them being just dark gray, I added a little triangle of blue to each of my ring fingers.  It was really easy and probably everyone and their grandma has done it by now, but it's definitely the most creative I've been with my nails in a while, so I'll pretend like this is an actual accomplishment.

|| I watched ||  Friends. And laughed. A lot.  Because it's just too dang funny.

|| I practiced || my Spanish skills.  Translating articles got way more exciting than it should be -- but I actually knew a lot of words! So that was bueno. (See, I'm pretty much fluent.)

|| I made || soup. Butternut squash soup, to be exact. And it was so delicious that I had it for lunch and dinner. Go fall!


|| I blogged || for the first time for a guest blog! Allie asked me to write a post, so I rambled on and on about how much I love fall.  That was a good way to make you want to go read it, wasn't it? It should be appearing soon though!

|| I read || Z by Therese Anne Fowler, which is a biography (of sorts) of Zelda Fitzgerald. I love biographies & Fowler is killing it with her writing style.  Plus the Fitzgeralds are really interesting in a sort of tragic way. I definitely recommend it so far!

That pretty much wraps up my #sicknotsick day.  Being #sicknotsick was definitely worth all of the homework that I'm going to have to make up tomorrow . . . well, let's just not talk about that.

How do you like to spend your days off?  Do you ever take #sicknotsick days?



  1. I appreciated your #sicknotsick day a lot, too haha! Thanks for blogging for me!

    1. I'd take a #sicknotsick day for you anytime!

  2. When I was in school, my mom let me take one "personal day" per year. It was a non-sick, no-questions- asked-you-can-stay-home-from-school-if-you-want-to day. It was the best!!! I'd basically watch movies, read books, and eat cookies while feeling semi-bad for all of the poor schlubs who were at school working.

    I think personal days and #sicknotsick days are great mental health days. They should be required! :)

    1. Your mom knew how to do it! That's awesome. And I agree! Mental health days are definitely a necessity every once in a while!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful #sicknotsick day! And hey, as long as you're being productive...everything in moderation, right? ;)
    ~ Samantha

    1. I definitely did! And yes, I so agree with you! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I haven't taken any #sicknotsick days this school year, but today we had no school! So it was a good mental health day for me.

    1. Random days off of school are some of the best things ever. Getting a mental health day without having to worry about any of the homework is definitely a win!


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