What I'm Reading Wednesday: Part 3

Books and fall just seem to go together like peas and carrots like my mama always says. (Thanks, Forrest for the quote mash-up.)

When the temperatures drop, the sunlight wanes, and the leaves start to fall, the best thing that I can think to do is find one of my cats and force them to sit on my lap while I curl up with a good book. It's so perfect while my cat pretends to like me for 3.4 seconds before he decides to dump me for food.  Whatever, I don't need you. 

I'm really, really loving the books that I'm reading this fall.  I've got the bases covered between a classic or two, a modern non-fiction and a super-challenging Jesus book.  

So, here's what I'm reading on this almost-autumn Wednesday.  

|| 1. || 
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
Malcom Gladwell

Here's a quick rundown on what I want to do with my life: become a sociologist and publish my findings to help solve world problems. (Told you it was quick!) Here's what Malcolm does with his life: be a sociologist/psychologist and publish his findings to better certain aspects of the world.  

Obviously we are meant to be.  This is the second book that I'm reading by Gladwell and it doesn't disappoint.  The thought-provoking content with the extremely readable writing style make this an easy read and most definitely an enjoyable/interesting one.  Go read Gladwell right now and come back and tell me all about how much you love him when you're done.  Ready? Go! (The credit for this obsession goes to Allie who knew that Malcolm and I would hit it off. So really, thank her.) 

|| 2. || Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

I read Sense and Sensibility when I was in seventh grade, but I'm a little tard-ay to the part-ay when it comes to Austen's most famous work.  I started this about a month back and haven't moved very fast at all. Read: I haven't picked this up in at least three weeks, but I'm counting it as currently reading anyway.  I'm not even supposed to know that I'm going to fall in love with Mr. Darcy by the end.  Right now, he's still the arrogant and pompous brat that Austen is leading me to believe him to be.  So, shhhh, don't tell me that he turns out to be the heartthrob of the 1800s because that would definitely ruin it for me.  

|| 3. || Not a Fan
Kyle Idleman

I've been reading this book since July June May April March errrmmm . . .  February.  I mean, that's only like seven months.  Not too long . . . 

Despite my dismal time it's taking me to complete this book, I.LOVE.IT. Idleman comes right out and challenges you to be a true follower of Jesus rather than just a fan that sits on the sidelines.  And let me tell you, it stings quite a bit.  Well, at least it did for me.  But that has motivated me to make some changes in my life that have been a long time coming.  

|| 4. || Bulfinch's Greek and Roman Mythology: The Age of Fable
Thomas Bulfinch

(I think his name is Thomas at least . . .) 

This book came to me on a lovely August day that also regrettably served double-duty as the first day of school.  I was told to have it read for a test in a little over a week.  So there I was, day of the test, scrambling to read the last 90 pages that I had somehow neglected. I mean, between school eight hours of the day, cross country practice for two, commuting for two, sleep for six if I'm lucky and all of the other random stuff I'm supposed to cram into my day, I don't know how I couldn't find the time to read!

I shouldn't be complaining.  People much busier than I am found a way to finish, so obviously it was me.  Needless to say, my 45 minute study hall didn't quite give me enough time to get through all 90 pages, so I still have a little to read! I hope to finish this one up with a cup of hot chocolate or chai tea some cool weekend morning.

And that is what I am reading this Wednesday.  You should definitely feel privileged because it's not like the whole internet knows this or anything.  Nope, just you.

I have some decisions to make next!  This tower of paperbacks is the compilation of some of the books that I have acquired but not yet read! Besides P&P, I want to know: What would you read next?


  1. Why is Les Mis so skinny? I'd definitely recommend the skinny version!

    1. I know! I got it at a used book sale, so I don't know what the story for it is. I think it may be the full version somehow compacted because the text is itty bitty.

  2. I finally read P&P after watching several versions of the film. I liked it, but I wouldn't call it my favorite. It's not my type of book and wouldn't have done it if I hadn't just wanted to delve deeply into these characters and know why.
    I'm about to finish Game of Thrones. WOW! There is so much going on in that book it's crazy and I'm totally addicted. I just finished Life Without Limits about Chrissie's Wellington's road to Ironman. It took me awhile to get into the book and then I ended up loving it. I think I'm going to read another book about triathlons, because I'm about to do my first one.
    I want to read the Kite Runner. I heard such good things about it. Read and analyzed the Odyssey. And sadly, I never read Grapes of Wrath. I do have Wuthering Heights (think I read it in hs and know I watched the movie in a class, but don't remember it) and Jane Eyre on my kindle ready to go eventually.

    1. I've heard a lot of good things about Game of Thrones! I'll definitely have to take a look into it! Good luck with your triathlon! That sounds like such an awesome experience.


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