"Help!" - My Running Playlist

My running playlist needs help.  Sometimes at night I can hear it screaming for an update through my headphones across the room.  It's a desperate situation.

I'm afraid that it's all my fault though.  I've neglected my most-used playlist for way too long while other lesser important playlists received my full attention.  In case you're thinking that your playlist is in pretty bad shape too, let me share a few gems that totally get me pumped to hit the pavement (sarcasm, much sarcasm).

Here, we have a great tune for the heat of a run.  You know, the moment when it's getting tough, but you're ready to take anything that is thrown at you.  So intense.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets my legs going like some good ol' Lizzie Mcguire. 

Okay, next! A great song for when you don't feel like going anymore.  Your legs burn, you're doubled over and chances are, you're moving at appx. 2 miles per hour. For this situation, there's no option better than having some Gretchen Wilson reverberating in your ears.   Redneck Woman, anyone? 

If you're not pumped up to the point where you want to lace up and head out the door right now, let me give you one more song from my playlist that is sure to do the trick. Ready or not, it's coming!

That's right, some classic Shania.  I don't know about you, but all that cheetah print that she's rocking DOES impress me much.  Oh, 90's fashion, how you humor me. 

All joking aside, you now know how rough my running playlist has been treated so I'm trying to repair the damages that my poor music selection (freshman year, I'm looking at you) have inflicted.

I want to know what YOUR favorite song(s) to workout/run to is/are.  Sure, I've googled "songs to run to," but I don't really love a lot of the suggestions that I've seen.  I'm turning to you guys to be my DJs because I'm nearly positive that you have better music taste than I did whenever I last updated this list. So let me know because I would love to get my playlist up and running (so punny!) again!

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