What I'm Reading Wednesday: Part 2

Happy Hump Day everyone!  It's been quite a while since my last update about what I'm reading on Wednesday.  So lucky you because today you're getting what you've been waiting for since . . . January 29th (I just checked) which is wayyyy too long.  I know that you're so excited that you can barely wait, so let's get into #WIRW (still trying to make it happen)!

1.  The Grapes of Wrath: I'm on like page five, so not much to report here.  I like it so far! I've read Of Mice and Men and really liked that book too (well, as much as you can like that book).

2. The Odyssey: Yes, still.  Maybe one day I will finish this? It's just not catching my attention yet and I've had it since December . . . May will be the month?

3.  Brunelleschi's Dome:  Not surprisingly, this Ross King book is all about Brunelleschi's Dome (Wow! Who woulda thunk it?) - Il Duomo in Florence, Italy.  I'm reading this one for a report that I'm writing for when I actually visit Florence this summer!  So far, it's super interesting to the history geek in me. Fun fact: Did you know that a column of limestone could be built up to two miles high before it started to be crushed under it's own weight?  Just a little impressive . . .

4.  Not a Fan: I've heard this book get really high reviews and I must say that is pretty great.  It's been challenging me on whether I am just a mere fan of Jesus or an actual follower.

5. When God Writes Your Love Story:  Yes, another "still?" book.  This one, not being school work has been pushed to the side.  It will definitely (maybe?) get finished soon though.  It is honestly an awesome eye-opening read that I recommend to everyone.

6.  The book of John:  A Bible study that I am involved with just started with a new study that digs deep into the book of John.  I'm really excited about this study as my parents both did it and loved it.

After these books are all good and read, I'll be cracking the bindings of The Joy Luck Club, To Kill a Mockingbird (how did I make it this far in my education without reading it yet?), Pride and Prejudice, This Side of Paradise and Wuthering Heights.

Well, there you have it!  You're all up to date on what I'm currently reading.  Any of you other book enthusiasts out there can friend me on GoodReads and we can obsess over books together!

What are you reading this Wednesday? Any books in common with me?

Have a great Wednesday!

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