How I Made BBQ Modern Art

Any Michiganders out there? More specifically, any Detroiters? Have any of you heard of this littleee place called Slow's Barbecue? Yeah, I thought so.

For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live in the snow banks for six months out of the year, Slow's is nationally recognized for being one of the best BBQ joints in America. After what my tastebuds experienced last night, I can soundly attest to that! 

I've tried to eat at Slow's multiple times, but was always deterred by a long wait list. With a little time to spare before the Red Wings game last night, we could afford to wait. 

The restaurant itself is so gorgeous. Playing with a mixture of textures and hardwood colors that you would never imagine to combine, it's upscale while still maintaining the atmosphere of a BBQ joint. Sorry, no pictures. You'll just have to go yourself to see!

I split a slab of the highly awarded ribs with a friend and we used the two sides that come with entr√©es to both order the famed mac&cheese. I was super hungry, so as soon as the waiter brought our drinks (get the lemonade; it's delicious!), we asked if our sides could be brought out first so I wouldn't die of starvation. I mean, it had been around two whole hours since I had last eaten. I know, crazy that I made it that long, right? 

When we asked him, it actually turned out that our food was on its way to our table at that moment. It had to have been less than six minutes from the time we ordered to the time we got our food. It takes longer than that for my family to order at Jimmy John's! Take that Freaky Fast! 

First things first, I dug into that mac&cheese. It.Was.So.Good. Like, I can't even describe it and since pictures are worth a thousand words, I'm sure this picture will do it more justice than any of my stammering will. 

Shhh! Do you hear the angel choir serenading? It was that heavenly. So obviously, I recommend it. 

Next came the star of the show (as if the mac&cheese wasn't good enough already): the ribs. Slow's is very unique in the aspect that they don't put sauce on the meat for you. They put the sauce on the table and allow you to experiment how you wish. 

Since this picture isn't going to win any prizes anytime soon, if you can't tell, the flavored are apple, North Carolina (NC), spicy, and sweet.  And yes, I arranged them in alphabetical order because that is how I roll. 

I set up a taste test with my naked ribs (that sounds wrong . . . awkward) and the contestants that I thought I would like the most: apple and sweet. 

And I was so right. Apple BBQ sauce is one of the very best sauces that I have ever had. Sweet was also great, but apple was something more unique and I loved that. I eventually did try the spicy and NC, but my original suspicion that they wouldn't be up my alley was right.

After devouring some of the most tender, flavorful ribs that I have ever had, I became an artist. Behold my modern art! 


No one has ever accused me of being a neat eater. 


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