Pinterest Crazy

Ahhh, Pinterest.  There is no other social media that I would rather waste my time on (except for Instagram, maybe).  My Pinterest days began wayyy back when you needed an invite to join and all my friends thought I was crazy for being obsessed.  Now that they're all crazy-obsessed themselves, I can definitely say "I told you so."

But despite the abundance of crafty DIYs, "simple" recipes and "easy" hair tutorials, they just never seem easy enough for this non-artistic, toast-burning, hair styling-challenged girl.  So I just pin them.  And that's the end of that.

Yesterday was a little different though.  I went a little Pinterest crazy.

It all started off when a friend and I started making another friend a birthday cake at 12:30 am.  I regretted joking that we would end at 4am when 4am rolled around and I was still elbow deep in soapy water, half-asleep.

The finished product (a Pinterest recipe!) definitely will be worth it when I get a slice of its double layered white-chocolate raspberry deliciousness on my plate though.

After a refreshing five hours of sleep, I got up to have the entire house to myself for the day.  This resulted in the creation of THREE more Pinterest recipes. I expected three naps, not productive and delicious creations.

It all started with the for real easy, healthy and yummy "breakfast cookies" which have turned into "breakfast cookies plus 11 am, 3pm, 8pm and pretty much any other time I walk into the kitchen cookies".

Next, for lunch, a vegan twist on tuna salad caught my eye and 30 minutes later, I had myself a mashed chickpea sandwich which tastes much better than it sounds . . . and looks.  

I spread avocado on some bread, added a few spinach leaves, plopped the chickpea masterpiece on and . . . volià! An amazing lunch was created! 

Finally, dinner came and not feeling in the mood for something fancy, but wanting something more than the frozen chicken nuggets that I eat every time I'm left to my own resources, a quick look a my Pinterest boards gave me the recipe to a Lauren Conrad baked oatmeal creation.  I tripled the recipe, threw it in the oven for 40 minutes and waited while it made the whole house smell like cookies. (I had already exhausted my Pinteresting for the next six months though, so cookies didn't actually happen.) 


became this:

and once I had topped it with some almond butter and bananas, it proved itself to be worth the wait.

So I guess the moral of the story is, stay up until 4am baking cakes and you'll never know what will come out of it.

Happy Pinteresting, friends!


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